You’ve probably heard it spouted by many a right-winger out there. Socialism! Obama is a Socialist! We’re becoming socialists! And perhaps the tone makes it sound like”we all have leprosy now!” 

Well, at its core socialism sprang from the need to have more egalitarian societies. Its recent origins can be traced to the Industrial Revolution and the ravages it caused to the working class while the owning class prospered. Attempting to create more egalitarian societies is not flawed in of itself. The need to have all members of  society treated justly and fairly is not unreasonable in of itself. 

Socialism, like capitalism, like communism, like any ism in fact has its shortcomings and its flaws. But one must not accept the blanket characterization that the mere whiff of it is bad for a country.

So Obama and many western leaders think at this stage of our progress, it is best for the state to own the means of production in some sectors. Why not? Big deal! The private sector made a fine mess while it controllled our lives over the past many years so maybe a different, perhaps steadier hand is required.

I for one don’t think it is a bad idea. Not for the short term anyway until we figure out where we’re headed.