Ok let me pull an Obama here: “I screwed up!”

I wrote a few days ago that I thought Tom Daschle would be confirmed as HHS Secretary despite his problems. Well, we all know what happened yesterday.

I also said I thought having a Republican as Commerce Secretary would allow the Dems to finally get their filibuster proof senate majority because the NH governor would appoint a Democrat.


Well, there is much to repair for the Obama administration with the stimulus package in danger of not passing in the Senate, a new tax-compliant HHS Secretary to find and the Mid-East always on the verge of exploding. And with the unemployment numbers for January coming out on Friday there will be even more alarming data to chew on. But negative situations create the best Presidents: Lincoln had the Civil War, FDR had the Great Depression and WWII, Kennedy had the Bay of Pigs. If Obama manages to get the US out of its current jam, future bloggers will be adding the following phrase to that list I just presented: “Obama had the Economic meltdown of  2008/2009”.