Caroline Kennedy’s name is being mentionned over and over in the media as a potential US Senator to replace Hillary Clinton (D-NY). I don’t really know how I feel about that because I don’t really know that much about Kennedy’s positions on any major issue national or foreign. I just know that she supports the President-Elect and has the kind of instant name recognition any aspiring Hollywood actor would kill for.

So it is neither here nor there for me. The one thing I feel strongly about is the fact that citizens should have a say in these replacements. If a US or State senator resigns or cannot for any reason perform their duties, the constituency should vote on a replacement. It should not be something that is left to a governor. I know there are economic reasons for it and there are logistical ones as well, such as getting candidate nominations in time, giving them time to campaign, debates,etc…

But even if we only had to give candidates three months to campaing for a special election, that would still be better than having somebody nominated. Nominations as Blagojevich made painfully obvious are just another way for governors to reward friends or obtain news ones that would stuff their pockets now or in their future lives as board members of companies in the private sector. There are enough loopholes contributing to the undermining of the political system as it is. This is one that we could easily erase.