Well, to say much has been happening will be the understatement of the decade. Illinois governor Blagojevich decided that he had to just go ahead and be a big fool on TV in front of the whole world instead of simply being the fool of Illinois.

Why would anybody decide to sell the senate seat of the first African-American President of the United States when the eyes of the media are on his state? And why would that someone knowing that his predecessor is in jail on corruption charges and therefore the FBI and other are probably  watching him, choose to use his telephone to discuss his illegal activities?

Whatever happens to this issue in the courts, Blagojevich would probably go down as one of the dumbest politicians in recent US history, having defeated Bill Clinton, George Allen, Elliot Spitzer, Larry Craig and Marion Barry to win that title.

On the auto bailout, it just passed the house by 237 to 170. Now on to the Senate where Republicans will probably fight it tooth and nail.

Who said socialism was dead?